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HealthCare Solutions

Nurse Call

Nurse Call is a tool used to make it easier to deliver the highest quality patient care and enhance patient caregiving workflow. Thompson Engineering has designed and installed many Rauland Borg nurse call systems. Whether your facility is a 99 bed skilled nursing facility or a multistory story acute care facility, we can design a solution that simplifies workflow and meets you needs. We believe that the Rauland Responder product brings together the whole facility in the delivery of outstanding patient care.


VoIP and IP telephony are becoming increasingly popular with large corporations and consumers alike. For many people, Internet Protocol (IP) is more than just a way to transport data, it's also a tool that simplifies and streamlines a wide range of business applications. Telephony is the most obvious example. VoIP—or voice over IP—is also the foundation for more advanced unified communications applications—including Web and video conferencing—that can transform the way you do business.

Security and Access Control

A full range of solutions are available for access control and security in the healthcare market. Flexible systems allow integration to other systems in the health care environment to maximize efficiency while protecting the facility and staff uninvited guests. Thompson Engineering can design an integrated solution that uses the latest technology to protect your facility efficiently and effectively.

Data Networking

Data networks are an important part of systems integration today. Many of the newer products on the market require a network connection. To provide a complete solution; Thompson Engineering has specialists in the area of Data Networking. Whether it is the hardware, software, wireless access points or structured cabling part of a Data Network, Thompson Engineering can provide the products and the expertise to complete the project.

Data Networking Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is an important part of today’s system integration. Thompson Engineering is experienced in providing and installing the latest category cabling as well as fiber optic cabling and integrating the cabling to your current data network.

RTLS – Personnel and Asset tracking

Our RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems) solutions are quickly becoming must-have tools for hospitals and companies involved in the health care market. These systems can be used for asset management, compliance and can help streamline current patient throughput challenges that you might be facing. Advanced health care providers from around the world are now realizing the benefits of RTLS. There are many facets within the healthcare facility that can be enhanced with RTLS to increase workflow efficiency. Thompson Engineering can work with you to customize a solution that will meet your current needs as well as be scalable to include other facets in the future.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance has become a must have to protect and monitor health care facilities. Critical locations within a facility can be monitored from one location. Patients can be protected by monitoring areas where their private information is located. Supplies can be protected by monitoring the areas that they are stored. Thompson Engineering can work with you to scale the number of locations that cameras are needed to create a level of protection and surveillance that you are comfortable with.

Mass Notification

The most efficient way to ensure safety at your facility is by having a real-time Mass Notification system in place that provides clear and intelligible speech. We can design and install ‘Emergency Communication Systems’ that can provide important information to all occupants of a certain building, campus or multiple locations during the event of an emergency or crisis situation.

Infant Protection

The protection of infants and children is a real world concern. Systems can be designed to monitoring a child’s physical location; they can also be used to keep track of transfers and movements of a child throughout a facility. Systems using the latest technology and integration into the physical security systems of a facility can be designed and installed by Thompson Engineering.

Audio Video

In the health care environment audio and video systems are playing a larger part. In the classroom, the use of a projector with audio speakers for training and continuing education enhance the learning experience. Audio and video systems are also part of conference rooms and auditoriums at health care facilities. Thompson Engineering is committed to providing the latest technology to enhance the learning experience.

Master/Secondary Clocks & Elapsed Timers

Master/Secondary clock systems ensure your campus is always on the same page and on-time. Thompson Engineering has provided and installed master clock systems in many health care facilities over the years. Systems can be a traditional hard wired system, a system powered locally that corrects wirelessly or even a battery powered system that corrects wirelessly. We can work with you to find the solution that works best for your facility.

Elapsed timers can also be installed to integrate to the code blue buttons in the patient rooms or to timers for hand washing or other functions.

TV Distribution

Television distribution in the health care environment is important to customer satisfaction. A good clear picture is important to patients. Systems can be designed to effectively deliver a crisp picture to the patient room as well as other parts of the health care facility. Systems can be designed to do special broadcasts at certain times for patient education. Thomson Engineering can work with you to find the best solution for your facility.

Wireless Phones

Wireless technology has changed the patient floor for care providers. It has enhanced workflow by facilitating better communicate with the patient as well as other care givers. Thompson Engineering can provide and install wireless solutions and integrate them into the Rauland nurse call systems.


























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